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Iterate through characters of a string?
How does someone get each character of a string?

(im trying to do wordwrap for a large string)

oh I got the word wrap working now:
dim printwidth=28

Let a$="PART 1 Bruce Hall, a slightly built youth 16 years of age, fair haired and blue eyed, stood 4' 8 in shoes and despite that slight assistance still could not see over the brick wall behind which he believed stood a flying machine. At least that was what he'd overheard two delivery boys discussing outside the local butchers shop."

REM pRINT a(1 to 10)
dim stringpos as integer
dim lines as integer
dim sentenceEnd as integer
while stringpos<len(a)

if sentenceEnd<len(a) then

FOR stringposIter=sentenceEnd TO stringpos STEP -1
if code(a(stringposIter to stringposIter))=code(" ") then

print at lines,0;a(stringpos to stringposIter)

exit for
end if

end if

if sentenceEnd>len(a) then
print at lines,0;a(stringpos to sentenceEnd)
exit while
end if


is there an escape code for carriage return or newline?

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