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Help understand where things end up in memory

I've been using ZXBC for some projects I am doing, one of the things is that I working with very limited memory. I'm writing my code to start at 25000.

When I am doing an ASM include no matter where in the code I place it, there is still ZXBC code after.

If I place all my inlcudes at the end of my program, they still appear around 40-50 bytes in. I need to be able to tag the includes on at the end of the file, not in the middle as once I have moved them to another located they can be discarded but with ZXBC code appear AFTER the includes it means I keep running into trouble.

I know about ORG in ASM but I'd rather ZXBC obey me when I have a include as the last lines to see in memory that it also appears at the end of the code.

Any ideas?

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