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Arrays question

So i was looking for an answer on the forums but couldn't find it.
How do i change content of an array?
I have game maps in array of course and i want to load different screen layout to the same array i used before.

I know i can do:

dim a(10) as ubyte => {1,2,3,...}

Now how to change it to something else?

In the olden days i used data to fill arrays quickly, dut that doesn't seems to be case anymore ^_^

edit: well i guess i can make a 3D array and instead of loading data into 2D array, simply switch to another layer of 3D array. But i dont know what is better memory-wise. The data needs to be there any way, but i don't know, i just don't like having huuuuge 3D array of all the screens in the game in memory at all times...
Plus i was hoping i could load data to new area from file...

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