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Manage +2A ramdisc with ZXBasic, is possible ?
I have the Bankswitching routines somewhere on my developemwnt machine ...
No need for assembler, just remember that all coder over address 49152 will be paged out, so stay below with your program (data can be paged out without problems), and RAMTOP (CLEAR command).
OUT 32765,16=normal (Bank0)
OUT 32765,17=Bank 1
OUT 32765,19=Bank 2
OUT 32765,20=Bank 3
OUT 32765,22=Bank 4
OUT 32765,23=Bank 5 (second screen)+10 kb free RAM which usually stores RAMDISC Filesystem.
Poke 23388 with same value, or the BASIC will switch your bank back at the next interrupt occur.
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