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Radastan Mode
boriel Wrote:
Uto Wrote:
boriel Wrote:Definitely, thanks!!
What happens when you use Radastan Mode = 0?
Back to normal video mode, otherwise you can't even see the "OK 30:1" message as the routines to print chars aren't prepared either for Radastan mode.
Ok. And how can you PRINT in Radastan's mode? Have you got another routine?

No sorry, in fact I don't have any routines, the ones I posted before I did just in 15-20 mins. The fact is Radastan mode is so different to other modes than nothing that writes to video RAM works the same, so printing fails, draw fails, character fails, etc.

I think there is an SDK for Radastan mode for z88dk C compiler, maybe its source code is helpful.

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