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Radastan Mode
Uto Wrote:I actually haven't tried, but I doubt they work, cause Radastan mode:

- Represents each pixel with 4 bits, that defines the color (0-15) while normal Spectrum uses 1 bit per pixel, and attributes are located after the first 6144 bytes that define the pixels.

- It's linear, meaning that after the data for 1st line, comes the date for 2nd line. In a normal Spectrum after data for 1st line, comes data for 8th line.

ZesarUX emulator emulates ZX-Uno pretty good, including Radastan mode, so I guess all can be tested, but be ready for a completely different video mode.
Nice to know. Then I will check ZesarUX. In the meantime, if anyone "dares" to port the plot.asm circle.asm and draw.asm routines...

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