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Radastan Mode
Uto Wrote:Depends on what you need:

Activating the mode radastan mode needs exactly the same you need with Sinclair Basic, these two OUTs if you are using the latest core version:

OUT 64571,64
OUT 64827,3

Changing palette is also the same, if you are using ULAPlus:

OUT 48955, 64: OUT 65339, 1

and then

OUT 48955, n: OUT 65339, x

per each color from 0 to 15, where n is the color number and x is the GGGRRRBB value.

But if you need using BASIC drawing functions as PLOT, DRAW, CIRCLE, then they won't work at all. Also INK won't work.

I don't think it would be too difficult to build a PLOT primitive with inline assembler, but I'm not sure if such functions make any sense in radastan mode, which is basically made for games, so you will be using sprites rather than lines and circles.
That's strange, because PLOT, DRAW, CIRCLE are built almost inline (no ROM calls). I don't own a ZX Uno, but maybe someone can have a look on what's going on so I can fix it.
Even more, the routines for these are implemented in the library-asm/ draw.asm, circle.asm and plot.asm files. If you can fix them I can include them in future releases.
Just use #ifdef at the beginning, and define your own macro. (i.e. #ifdef ZXUNO )

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