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Sprites & ATTR
jonesypeter Wrote:Hi,

I'm quite new to ZX Basic, and just had a few questions:

Is the replacement for the Sinclair BASIC ATTR command attrAdress(x,y)?

Are there any linked sprite libraries that let you use Sprites (larger than 8*8) from BASIC? I did look at the Spanish Fourspriter tutorial, but Google translate is not great with technical translations. Is there an English Language tutorial, and are there any other libraries, without the need to use Assembler?

Hi, joneyspeter

The function is ATTR(y, x) as in SINCLAIR BASIC. But you must start your program with #include <attr.bas> at the beginning:
#include <attr.bas>

PRINT AT 4, 5; INK 6; PAPER 1; "."

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