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Control codes
I'm new here, so excuse me if anyone asked this before. I tryed to search for it but didnt find anything.

So i'm playing with ZX basic for last week or so and i was doing some of my usual tests.
In one of them i was trying to print out a block of characters with random ink and color. And because making a loop that will print it character by character is rather slow, i tryed to be clever. It didn't work ^_^

So my problem:

i wanted to make a string variable with control codes that i would print out. And sure enough if i do

print p$

it work just fine.

Problem is when i want to put some randomness to it and do something like

print p$

it outputs


instead of colored X. In my mind, it should work...
Am i doing something wrong?

Also, implementing AT as \{ax,y} like it works in BASin would be nice ^_^

Thanks for your help

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