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PRINT AT 23,0 and FOR NEXT Loop not working after Fastcall
boriel Wrote:This behaviour is expected.
The ZX Spectrum screen has only 24 physical rows (from 0 to 23). Printing beyond 23 just wraps around and resets the X coordinate (back to 0).

It also puts an "Out Of Screen" signal in the ROM Variable, hence when you exit back to Sinclair BASIC you get the 5 Out of Screen Error.
This is done this way because you can check if your latest print has been out of screen or not.
I understand and have to check where my original BASIC program "runs out of screen".

However, one question:

When I have a program with this two lines:

PRINT AT 24,0;"24,0"
PRINT AT 10,0;"10,0"

I too get the 5 Out of Screen Error, and the second "regular" PRINT position
donĀ“t reset the "Out Of Screen" signal ROM Variable (is this a Spectrum BASIC system variable ?).
I think a regular PRINT position should reset the "Out of Screen" flag ?



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