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PRINT AT 23,0 and FOR NEXT Loop not working after Fastcall

I´ll paste the called FASTCALL down under.

I´ve tried to save IX register by a PUSH IX and restore it with POP IX, but this changed nothing,

The problem seems to me the TR-DOS-ROM (=Spectrum Betadisk-System) Routine
which is called with the FASTCALL.

But I cannot imagine yet, why this can bring your ZX Basic "out of running correct".

Here´s my used FASTCALL:
FUNCTION FASTCALL MCodeDIRDOSv4 (number as uByte) as uInteger


;BDUC-Newsletter No.5 Page 5 Brothaers TR-DOS v4.XX Example for CAT to SCREEN
CALL 15366                        ;TR-DOS v4 #3C06 = 15366 dez = DOS ON
PUSH HL                            ;Put the DOS OFF return adress on the stack - Needed by TR-DOS v4
LD A,2                            ;Select Stream 2 (screen)
LD C,7                            ;Set DOS Routine 7 (catalogue)
CALL 15357                        ;Call TR-DOS v4 Central Functions adress #3BFD = 15357 dez
RET                                        ;This one jumps to the adress PUSHed with PUSH HL, put DOS Off and returns


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