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Serious FOR bug in latest dev build s1964
This is not a bug. Look:
10 FOR n=1 TO 255
20 NEXT n

This will loop until n>255. The problem is, your variable n is defined as UBYTE (or perhaps it's undefined so compiler assumed UBYTE by default?), so you will never get n>255, therefore your loop will repeat forever.

Either replace it with FOR n=0 TO 254 or redefine n as UINTEGER.

        ld a, 255
        ld hl, (_n - 1)              <-- looks a bit dodgy
        cp h
        jp nc, __LABEL3

This code is correct. There's no instruction ld h,(_n) so it's using ld hl,(_n-1) instead, which will affect h in the same way.

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