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Serious FOR bug in latest dev build s1964

First, thanks for the compiler it's my first time playing with it.
I think I've found a nasty bug though.

A FOR loop that goes to 255 causes a hang in latest dev build 1.4.1964. Loops to 254 and 256 etc seem to work OK. It's my first time using the compiler so I don't know if it's a new problem or not. It seems to occur regardless of optimisation level.
10 FOR n=1 TO 255
20 NEXT n
A portion of the generated asm seems to assume the counter is word sized even though it's just a byte so that may be the problem:
        ld a, 255
        ld hl, (_n - 1)              <-- looks a bit dodgy
        cp h
        jp nc, __LABEL3
I'm running python 2.7.6 btw.
Hope that's enough to investigate it...


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