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Declaring arrays with constants (*solved*)
LTee Wrote:...
const DGMAXX as ubyte = 10
const DGMAXY as ubyte = 10

'dungeon data
dim dgConnected(DGMAXY, DGMAXX) as ubyte

well, i think what i’m really missing is this:
dim dgConnected(DGMAXY, DGMAXX) as ubyte at $E000
(just like as we do for allocating variables to different memory addresses)

so that would take around 121 bytes (11*11 (i guess it’s 11, because it is an array from 0 to 10?) ) starting from $E000 - i’m needing this a lot, because when we patch ZX-Basic resulting binaries to rom files (such as on cartridge roms for Sega 8-bit consoles, ColecoVision, MSX, etc.), we really need to use peeks and pokes instead of arrays, since we can’t allocate arrays outside the rom area

i really have no idea how difficult would be implementing it

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