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Program refuses to compile
boriel Wrote:Found this 24bit one, anyway (a week ago) hope it helps!
Have you implemented something?

Unfortunately it barely scratches the surface - the ones we have usually number around 140 functions. It's hard to find real z80 floating point packages that can readily be used.

The floating point topic did come up again recently and there are a couple of links in there. I don't see it in that thread but digi also put a large assembly language library for the rabbit processors on github and that one also has a float package but obviously written for the rabbit which has extra instructions.

We did some benchmarking using Whetstone 1.2 to measure performance of some floating point packages with various z80 c compilers. The 48-bit one we are using came up number 3 in speed, not too far behind IAR which is a 32-bit float implementation. Hitech's 32-bit float implementation blows everyone away in terms of performance but is very unreliable, often leading to incorrect results. This was enough to convince me that we can do better than that at 32-bits using some fast 32-bit integer math. But it's more likely we'd do fixed point first because that would fit better with graphics. Floating point is not really that important in 8-bit computing anymore.

As always there are too many things to do so these things probably won't be attempted for some time, especially given how time consuming it is to implement floating point.

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