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Program refuses to compile
boriel Wrote:
Darkstar Wrote:This line sadly still bombs on me:

const BasePtr as uinteger = 32768
save "Contents"code BasePtr, 25
Please try now, Version 1.4.0-s1880, and tell me if SAVE now works (silly bug: I just forgot that translation).

It works without a hitch now, thank you for fixing this as I am not totally blocked as I was before.
The nested scopes were a good addition me thinks.
I did write somthing else and I am including it below.

'dim MyArray(0 to 4) as string => {{"ABCDE","ABCDE","ABCDE","ABCDE","ABCDE"} ' each element is 5 letters or bytes in length

const BasePtr as uinteger= 32768 ' 32K
dim MyArray(0 to 4) as string
dim i as ubyte

dim Key as string

' init the array
for i = 0 to 4
    MyArray(i) = "ABCDE" ' 5 in length
next i

' I had to init the array here to make sure each element is five bytes in length and I could not do it through the dim line above
' so this is just another workaround. I had more options in the menu but I took them out but they allowed for meaningful content creation.
' The content was created by those options so I could get away in this instance with a dumb fill of the array but what if I want to fill the
' array with something meaningful right from the get go and perhaps with a variable length in the elements? No DATA lines and no DIM and even
' more workarounds to account for the variable length. Ugly ugly hacks. It could even FORCE me to go to the ASM level.

paper 7
flash 0
bright 0
over 0
inverse 0
ink 0
border 6

print "1 Load file"
print "2 Save file"
print "3 Quit"

    Key = inkey
loop until Key = "1" or Key = "2" or Key = "3"

if Key = "3" then
    randomize usr 0
end if

if Key = "1" then
    gosub LoadFile
end if

if Key = "2" then
    gosub SaveFile
end if
'goto MenuEntryPoint2
' This is how it should read or to go to Point2 instead of Point1 but because the SAVE command messees up the color
' then this workaround was the only option and it alters the program flow.
goto MenuEntryPoint1
' The save message itself or the ROM based message gets displayed in yellow paper and that I also consider a bug but I did not look into
' a yet another workaround for it.

' All of these workarounds sure mess up the code and that is why I did not look into it for I have had it with unfriendly workarounds and they just
' make things way more complex than they have to be.

' But the good news is that due to some recent fixes I can eliminate some of them but far from all of them and I can't eliminte the linier array workaround either
' as of now but that is one of the things I took out of this BAS file.

' I do not want to share ugly hacks.

print "Loading file"
load "File"code BasePtr, 25

' Do lots of stuff that has been deleted from this BAS file


print "Saving file"

' Do lots of stuff that has been deleted from this BAS file

save "File"code BasePtr, 25

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