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Program refuses to compile

I got a program that works fine under 130s1121 but not under 140s1876. When I try to compile it then it bombs with this message:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/pi/zxbasic/", line 348, in <module>
sys.exit(main(sys.argv)) # Exit
File "/home/pi/zxbasic/", line 274, in main
File "/home/pi/zxbasic/ast_/", line 105, in visit
File "/home/pi/zxbasic/arch/zx48k/", line 143, in _visit
return NodeVisitor._visit(self, node)
File "/home/pi/zxbasic/ast_/", line 118, in _visit
return meth(node)
File "/home/pi/zxbasic/ast_/", line 122, in generic_visit
raise RuntimeError("No {}() method defined".format('visit_' + node.token))
RuntimeError: No visit_SAVE() method defined
Usage: <input file> [options]

I do not wnat to share the source on a forum, is there any way that I can get the source to you Boriel so that you can have a look at it?
Also, under the old version if you had a wihite paper and a black ink but a yellow border then the SAVE command did change the paper color to yellow afterwards and the tape message got displayed in paper yellow instead of white. Highly fishy. And if I tried to compile this program with -O3 then it bombed so I had to set it back to -O1. Now it totally refuses to compile under the new version. Help would be good here Boriel.

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