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Bank switching in ZX-Basic
I've never programmed used bank switching, but now I'm developing a new external interface to convert a 16Kb Spectrum to a machine very close to a plus 3 machine but with 512Kb of RAM, and due to it, I'm starting to be interested of this kind of programming.

Have ZXBasic support for bank-switching?. If the aswer is yes, I have a suggestion about the possibility of support for 512Kb of RAM. The method to change the page above 128Kb is the same that the used in Pentagon, ie using bits 6 and 7 of the same port than 128Kb ($7FFD).

If it is not supported, could be very interesting to do it, because if we do it manually we can only use it for data, but not for code. The best way is to implement it natively. It is not possible to do that with a library.

The main challenge could be to use the same addresses for different functions.

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