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ZX Basic 1.4 (beta) is out
boriel Wrote:LCD: Okay, I've upload ZX Basic 1.4.0s1860. Please download and try if it fixes something. It has 2 bugs fixed.
Thats working better.
I tried something and found out:
If I use BeepFX in my programs, I always got the message (with optimiser switched on) that a label is not declared. Without optimiser it works. In 1.3 I tricked the optimiser out by calling the SUB after END of program, because if BeepFX is in a uncalled SUB, the optimiser will not compile it, but in 1.4 it seems not to work anymore. Another problem is if a sub/funcion is stored after it is called. In some cases the compiler cannot find it.
I'm sorry that I was not able to answer earlier. Still moving my computer corner one floor lower.
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