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Cheveron has asked me to changed the ZX BASIC license from GPL to LGPL and I agree.
LGPL allows ZX BASIC distribution and linkage to other non-GPL, non-free programs. (e.g. BorIDE could include ZX Basic packaged within it).
As I mentioned before, I'm currently in a hard deadline (finishing a research project :wink:, it will end by 31st Dec of the present year), so don't wait for me: if you need to release your project NOW, just put this LICENSE within (you have here my *public* express permission to do so!).

Anyway, If I understood correctly, you can already distribute the previous GPL licensed ZX BASIC with your work:
  • * for the original source, just link to the ZX BASIC Source page: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
    * if you made changes to the source you can either distribute that modified source code or the diff files.

I've also updated the license description in the source page to LGPL.

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