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[Image: 971988_518944744820483_1531283958_n.png]

The ZXodus][Engine is a game engine for 2D and 3D cRPGs (computer Role Playing Games) for the ZX Spectrum +2B. (It will run imperfectly on other 128s) I'm pleased to announce that the ZXodus][Engine will use ZX Basic for the game logic. All of the tricky stuff will be handled by the engine. It has the following features:

9x9 multi-color (8x1 attrıbute) viewport
16 column text window (6x8 font)
256 multi-color (16x16 pixel) 2D tiles
256 multi-color (16x16 pixel) 3D dungeon tiles
128x128 tile world map
36x36 tile mini-map viewer
16 town maps of 32x32 tiles each
16 NPCs per town
11 character classes
two spell systems
melee and ranged combat
Ultıma 4 style dialog system
AY music player
BEEPer sound effects

Happy to answer any questions.

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