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Limits in UDG bank switching trick [solved]
Is it mine? Well, partly. I borrowed quite a bit of the concept from other sources, wrapped it up and got it online here. Then hacked at it some more. (See <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="">post1552.html?hilit=print64#p1552</a><!-- l --> for example).

I also did a few other sizes. I suspect that Einar Saukas and Andrew Owen's FZX may end up blowing it out of the water with flexibility, however. Getting that up for BZXB is on my todo list. So will probably happen by 2020.

If you want to put a single character to the screen, there are faster routines than putchars. I'd be happy to put up a tiny MC character blitter, for example if that's what you want. Something like printUDG(x,y,UDGNumber,@UDGDataSTART) ? The beauty of this compiler is you can throw in small machine code routines to speed up any slow spots. (I tried to explain this in the Pac Man tutorial Wink )

Do have a look through the library in the wiki, if you haven't played with this stuff. Some of the routines that Boriel included have been optimised and updated here - Boriel doesn't necessarily include the latest versions with the compiler. Mostly because I'll tweak em in the library, and am bad about nagging him for write access to upload newer patches officially, of course Wink Also there are likely to be other routines that are useful there. I think, shy of FZX, the print 64x32 one can be quite neat, for example. But if you think that's too small a font, there's a 42 char one, and a proportional print routine in there (that I didn't do!).

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