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Limits in UDG bank switching trick [solved]
britlion Wrote:paint (x,y,colour):putchars(1 character from my data point n) is actually faster than a print Wink

Hm... I'll have to try that at some point, because printing appears to be the slowest part. Random dungeon generation, for all the RND calls, is surprisingly fast. Combat is a little slow, but it also involves quite a few calculations on top of the dice rolls -- and the combat system is as simple as it gets.

britlion Wrote:Not to worry - I'm mostly REALLY happy to see that someone read my tutorial and found it useful! (Also, you used my 64 character print routine, and so on and so on Wink Most of all: Good job! I know it's a long hard slog to get a game up and running!

print64 is also yours? Cool! You make ZXBasic development so simple for the rest of us. I couldn't have written my games without this simplicity. Call it laziness, but my brain is already chock-full of programming knowledge, and there's only so much effort I can put in for fun.

Luckily, developing for the Speccy is a LOT of fun. And that's what brings us all together, isn't it?

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