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My binary occupies the same reducing the HEAP
Resurrecting this old thread, because I am having trouble understanding how compiled code uses the heap space.

1. As I check the memory image of my compiled and running program, heap is used and it's full of strings and other data, and currently it's in default size of 4.7kb. What if I reduce the heap to say, 2kb. What will happen to the strings that occupy heap space? How can I determine how much of heap space is used and effectively limit heap_size?

2. I am very close to filling 48kb ram, only about 700bytes left, I need about 1kb more. I added my post at the end of this thread because I might need to use 128k paging to enhance my game further. I was planning to split programs into different parts as compiled output currently 18kb, and with heap, it's 23kb. As its bigger than 16kb it's not easy to flip a page without reducing executable to under 16kb.

3. if I split my code to 2 different projects and compile them separately, how can I control stack pointer and heap so both programs run safely? And what's the best method of calling compiled boriel's basic code from different ram banks/pages? How should I construct standalone functions to be called from other part of compiled code?

I am very saturated with basic code nowadays and I am a little bit confused Smile Please remind me if I ask nonsense questions.

Thank you

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