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output ASM
boriel Wrote:Short-circut evaluation is not yet implemented, neither is tail recursion (I would like to implement both of them). Of course, it might make your program bigger, but I think it's necessary.

Please keep in mind that introducing short-circut evaluation into an existing language can potentially break lots of already released programs, since it would change program behavior in cases like this:
IF move(player1) <> 0 OR move(player2) <> 0 THEN
    ...    ' At least one player moved successfully

In order to avoid breaking existing code, either introduce short-circut evaluation only for purely evaluation expressions (without routine invocations), or make short-circut evaluation optional (disabled by default).

Personally I like short-circut evaluation, but I wouldn't like to find out that some of my released games in ZX BASIC stopped compiling properly when ZX BASIC changed its behavior Smile

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