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another forum area for other platforms than zx-spectrum
Since Boriel told us that this zxbasic compiler is planned to be flexible enough to target other platforms than only zx-spectrum, maybe another are of this forum could be created, where we could discuss information and knowledge which could help on this, since i'm seeing that more people could be interested on helping

For example, i were about trying to create stuff for msx2+ (for example, using laced screen12 or screen7) using this zxbasic-compiler, but i'm concerned on how it could create incompatible binaries (like using rom calls or system variable accesses from zx-spectrum ), and targeting 'bloadable' binaries, or .rom files

(for example as well, would be interesting seeing stuff made for msxdev contest made with this Boriel's zxbasic-compiler)

I readed somewhere that Boriel mentioned other z80 machines as well, like Amstrad - btw, the idea is about this, having a kind of shared brainstorm here about all 8bit hardware manufactured (also like zx81, Mattel Aquarius, sharp mz700, nec pc6001, etc.), which components each one has and how are they used, how they deal with ansi-basic language, etc. - maybe we should start something on the wiki pages as well?

I think information like this, and accessible as well, can help a lot, not only the multiplatform cross-development target of this compiler, as can help as well retro developers and teams (like those wonderful Mojon Twins team) on developing on all these other hardware as well - this would be wonderful!

what do you all think about? and who can help, and on what?

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