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Random Numbers
It's pretty fast to make the stream function do a decimal using the method I did - grab 16 bits (two stream function calls) and express them as the last half of a fixed type number.

It's also pretty easy to have it make a result in the realms of (0-2^n-1) since that is just a binary limit. E.g. 0-255 is 8 bits of data. 0-65535 is 16 bits.

An arbitrary integer is harder, and is going to mean multiplying by n. Even then, as pointed out on the WOS boards, at least you should generate more bits than you need if you are going to multiply. E.g. the 16 bits version above is probably good for numbers into the tens of thousands, but getting pretty rough above that.

Still, even here, doing it with fixed numbers seems to be a win, speed wise.

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