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Random Numbers
The random number generator I used is taken from C Numerical Recipes and is, in fact nearly the same this one (maybe my implementation is not that good :roll: I converted from C to Z80 asm by hand Tongue). It should pass the same test this one.
Anyway we should consider them.

I was thinking other basics such QBasic or VBasic allows SUBS to be called without parenthesis. This way,
SUB mysub(a, b)
Can be called with
mysub a, b
This will allow the user to effectively redefine a complete set of DRAW, RANDOMIZE, INK, etc... routines and will allow ZXBASIC to be more universal and no so speccy-oriented!
This way, ZX Spectrum users will have an implicit #include <spectrum.h> at the beginning (like when the --spectrum flag is used) and all will remain the same. But programs for other platform might not use such include, but other ones.

Well, that is just an idea.

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