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Out of Memory error
oblo Wrote:It happened to me during O-cman's development. I got this error because I putted a GOTO instead a GOSUB inside a SUBroutine, something like this:

10 REM main loop
20 stuff to do
30 GOSUB 100
90 GOTO 10
100 REM this is a SUB
110 stuff to do
120 GOTO 200
200 REM this is another SUB
210 more stuff to do

Line 120 must be GOSUB and not GOTO, that's why I got the Out Of Memory error. I don't know if this your case, but al least I hope gives you a clue.


The code above is also ok, and should not produce any error. During execution time, every gosub must end with a return (to avoid stack overflow). Other than that, they needn't to be "balanced". If you execute the code above, it should work ok. :roll:

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