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Learning ASM and ZX Basic Compiler
Hi all

I know it's a bit odd to ask this, because the compiler doesn't ask us to learn ASM but...
I'm starting to learn some ASM and besides read some books, I'm trying to get some examples from <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> and <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... d/id2.html</a><!-- m -->, but every piece of code I try to compile between ASM and END ASM, end with a compiler error, for instance:

       ld a,2              ; upper screen
       call 5633           ; open channel
loop   ld de,string        ; address of string
       ld bc,eostr-string  ; length of string to print
       call 8252           ; print our string
       jp loop             ; repeat until screen is full

string defb '(your name) is cool'
eostr  equ $

...ends with "temp.bor:11: Error: illegal preprocessor character '$'. Compilation failed" And:

; scroll izquierda
        ld hl, 22527
        ld c, 192
buc_2   ld b, 32
        and a
buc_1   rl (hl)
        dec hl
        djnz buc_1
        jr nc, noca_1
        ld (var), hl
        ld ix, (var)
        set o, (ix+32)
noca_1  dec c
        jr nz, buc_2
; scroll derecha
        ld hl, 16384
        ld c, 192
buc_4   ld b, 32
        and a
buc_3   rr (hl)
        inc hl
        djnz buc_3
        jr nc, noca_2
        ld (var), hl
        ld ix, (var)
        set 7, (ix-32)
noca_2  dec c
        jr nz, buc_4
var     equ 23728

...ends with "temp.bor:3: Error: Syntax error. Unexpected token 'LD' [LD]. Compilation failed"

Is there any consideration to use ASM code in the compiler, the code examples are wrong... or have I to use another compiler, like PASMO, to compile ASM?

Thanks in advance and cheers

EDIT: I've just found this post (<!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="">bug-reports/illegal-preprocessor-errors-on-some-files-solved-t603.html</a><!-- l -->) but I can't manage to solve it Sad

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