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Unexpected end of file error
oblo Wrote:Yep, thanks, those were the 'rogues' END IFs. Nevertheless, the obtained code doesn't work (all I can get is a blank screen and no more) but I can assure you the BASIC code works (extremely slow but works) Using the Spectaculator debugger I can see that all the instructions are being executed... great, more Sunday code debug :lol:

Hmm, your'e POKEin directly into the UDG zone :?: Try using USR "a" + xxx to poke "A" UDG, and so on (as explained in the manual). Or use PEEK (Uinteger, 23675), as ZX BASIC might need to reallocate UDG mem zone.

I will later tell you a trick to create UDG in a faster/efficient way Wink

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