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Returning to basic do not run PRINT.(*solved*)
I was testing an attr routine. I launch it with pokeing it and randomize usr 60000.
When returns to basic, the problem is if I put a single print, then returns out of memory.
Not this if I put a print at.
I think the compiler affects to variables ch add or something.

Sub GetAddrTileFull(y, x, buf)
      Dim attraddr as UInteger
      attradr = AttrAddr(y, x)
      POKE buf,peek(attradr-32)
      POKE buf+1,peek(attradr-31)
      POKE buf+2,peek(attradr-30)
      POKE buf+3,peek(attradr+2)      
      POKE buf+4,peek(attradr+34)
      POKE buf+5,peek(attradr+34+32)
      POKE buf+6,peek(attradr+34+31)
      POKE buf+7,peek(attradr+34+30)
      POKE buf+8,peek(attradr+34+29)
      POKE buf+9,peek(attradr+2+29)
      POKE buf+10,peek(attradr-1)
      POKE buf+11,peek(attradr-33)
  End Sub
Dim x,y as uinteger
x=peek 23421
y=peek 23422
command line:
zxb attr1a.bas -T -B -a -Z -O1 --org 32768


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