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Oh oh
boriel Wrote:Don't know what could be wrong with the Contact form. Will check it later...
To convert to mp3, better compile your program to .TAP file format (use -t instead of -T), so using -tab should work. Once you get the .tap file, you can play it in winamp (which converts it to wav if you use an alternative decoder) or can also use the free utility TAP2WAV to convert it to .WAV. This is a console (command line) application for windows; there are also Linux versions on the internet, but have never used them.

Oh no, I've converted it to an audio file no problem, and it definitely sounds like a spectrum program. But I'd like a program that will convert it back to a zxspectrum format to double check that my puzzle is, in fact solvable Smile It's WAV>TAP that I need.. I tried a few that I found but none of them work under Windows 7 it seems..

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