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Calling non-ZXB code with RANDOMIZE USR
Hi Boriel!

Sorry for vanishing for a while there, life got... complicated. :-(

Anyway, did you have any further thoughts on this problem? I've tried the new build (1.2.8-706) and I'm still getting the same issue. I've attached a file to this post called which contains an example of this in action. Load 'musictest-full.tap' to try it out, 'maketest.bat' will build it, 'musictest.bas' is the source.

print "press any key"
pause 0
print "test 1"
randomize usr 64000
print "success"
pause 0
print "test 2"
go sub 9000
print "success"
pause 0
print "test 3"
print "success"
print "done"


SUB test()
    randomize usr 64000

9000 RANDOMIZE USR 64000

There is a Music Box jingle (created with Beepola) loaded into memory at 64000 which is set up to play once then return control to the calling program. The test code calls this three times - from outside a sub/function, as part of a GO SUB and as a sub call. The sub call will fail (the music player does not return properly once the tune has finished and crashes the Spectrum) even though the others succeed.

Any ideas greatly appreciated! Smile

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