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IF Nesting problem and +D Emulation (*solved*)
boriel Wrote:I introduce ELSEIF to reduce the IF-nesting complexity. If you use ELSE IF (separately) you'll need an extra END IF at the end for every ELSE IF instance.
Try this and tell me.
You are right, the code was very old and I wanted to reuse it for my new project. Sorry, forgot to remove the spaces.

boriel Wrote:What does +D do? At this 1st stage the compiler is supposed to be used only in 48K Speccy. I was astounded to hear the BG music in your chess game :!:
+D is a very common Disc interface with parallel port, and very compatible because it does not use any extra RAM from Spectrum. It has syntax like LOAD d1"file" which rely on RST #08. 8 KB ROM and 8 KB RAM are build in.
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The Soundtracker BG Music was possible with my Interrupt Maker. All the Interrupt and Music code was linked to my game after it was compiled. BorIDE should include a Interrupt maker later.
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