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fixed is broken (*solved*)
Well at this moment the best help is... testing, testing, TESTING :twisted:
Currently there are 100+ test cases created. So everytime a fix is introduced, a new test is created. Later the compiler is run against all those test and must pass all of them. So... at first it means much work, but in the end it's worth the hassle Idea because now the compiler is much more robust and fixed bugs won't be reintroduced again.

Regardless to FP (not fixed) arithmetic, I'm thinking in introducing a flag I've seen in gcc and other compilers: --fast-floating-point or --ffast-math so it will use it's own floating point routines for +,-,*,/,SIN,COS,SQRT etc... What do you think?

I'm also glad to see even GCC has it's own bugs (similar to ZX BASIC :!: ) and their own regression test <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
I guess this is a common problem in compiler design. When ZX Basic reach a minimun quality I will open it to public contribution so people cna contribute to the code directly. :roll:

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