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Bug or Feature?
Hi Boriel, I ran into following Problem:
print at 17,0;(peek 3)*9
gives me back 247. Why is this a Problem? PEEK 3 is 255, so (PEEK 3)*9 should be calculated as 255*9=2295, so it looks like the result of this calculation is stored in UBYTE. No problem because PEEK gives back UBYTE, but a multiplication is a little bit more problematic.
dim c1 as uinteger
print c1*9
Works, but
dim c1 as ubyte
print c1*9
does not work. The same if I use such a calculation as Parameter for a sub.
Any chance to fix this?

Another Problem:
print at 17,0;1<<3+2
Usually bit shifting should have the highest poriority, not the addition, thats why the result is 1<<(3+2)=32, but it should be (1<<3)+2=10.
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