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Netbook dont run zxb.exe (*solved*)
boriel Wrote:This might be also produces because the PATH environment variable was not updated and the .exe file was not found. Try executing zxb.exe from within ZX BASIC directory to discard this.
I'm starting to worry about this. Will try a fresh XP installation in a virtual machine to test this issue...
Will try this later after the work (change directory in command line to ZXBC directory and start the zxb.exe). But this problem will still cause that the BorIDE will not start ZXBC. I hope, there will not be extra overtime today at work. And it does not explain why it works on other fresh system with Windows 7.
By the way, before I buy a new netbook for zxbc, will it work on Win 7 x64? Currently thinking about upgrading it straight to 8 GB memory.
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