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Netbook dont run zxb.exe (*solved*)
LCD Wrote:Got the same problem (with latest beta version) after reinstalling my notebook (again with Win XP SP3). It was previously working on it without problem. Perhaps something is missing in the newer installation files? On freshly installed Nettop (AMD Fusion E-350 Zacate) with Win 7, it works fine, just tested it. I think, the error occurs only with fresh installed WinXP, where no previous version of zxbc was on it. The problem occurs with both msi and zip files, and they were both saved from previously tested and working files. Will check it again later, but I want to dump the old notebook anyway (just waiting for a zacate 11-12" netbook with mate display).

This might be also produces because the PATH environment variable was not updated and the .exe file was not found. Try executing zxb.exe from within ZX BASIC directory to discard this.

I'm starting to worry about this. Will try a fresh XP installation in a virtual machine to test this issue...

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