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-d (display debug info) not working?
LCD Wrote:I now know what is wrong... I cannot read the streamed output channel of the zxbc.exe anymore in debug mode, which I redirected to my BorIDE. After deactivation of the flags READ (stdout, I think, the problem is here. Anything changed?) and HIDE, it displays the debug info in the zxbc window. This was not happen with earlier versions as it was working as expected. It looks like a communication problem between the two, because zxbc.exe generates a high CPU load for minutes (without exiting), but after I close zxbc.exe, BorIDE recieve all the Debug info, with a Exitcode -1073741510. Only DEBUG-mode is affected, not the normal communication (I haven't tested warnings yet).
Maybe there is a possibility for you to add a feature to output all informations in text files?
I will later try the ConTEXT Editor too, to see if it has same problems.
ZX Basic now outputs extra ASM info with -d (in fact, to stderr), except that -d might now also output PLY (the python toolkit I used to build the compiler) extra output. I don't know, but it should go also to stderr. You can force ZX BASIC output to be sent to a temporary file with --stdout=<flags> and --stderr=<file> command line parameters (not yet implemented, I'm afraid).

In fact, zxb -d will output some debug info via stdout (the intermediate code info), and ASM debug info via stderr (this is ok). All debug info should go (I think) via stderr. Isn't it? I will check this issue (Keep in mind I check against command line, not against any IDE!)

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