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ELSE issue? (*solved*)
LTee Wrote:Everything seems to be compiling and running okay with the release 1.2.7!

Just one minor difference I can see, and I'm not sure what the implications of this are. When I compile the project that requires -Z, I now get an extra 'WARNING' from the compiler, which is this:
alloc.bas:73: warning: FUNCTION 'reallocate' declared as FASTCALL with 2 parameters

The Wiki says that FASTCALL functions can only have a single parameter, and sure enough 'reallocate' in alloc.bas has two parameters. This doesn't seem to affect anything in my program, but is this a problem? I note that in the previous build the function was the same, but the warning wasn't generated. :-D
Yes, that's ok.
This is because if you're using -Z the compiler ALLOCates 21*8 = 168 bytes for UDG in the heap, and updates system variable UDG (23675) to point to that address. If you don't do this, you can surely use POKE USR "a", ... to create UDG (the legacy way), but this can corrupt the heap (which now also maps into that memory space).

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