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array bounds must be constant
Unfortunately this is not (yet) supported. What you're asking is a DYNAMIC ARRAY. Sad This is a feature planned for 1.2.8 (or higher). Dynamic array are a bit trickier, slower and might take a little more memory, but on the other hand are more powerful and allow redimension during runtime. Meanwhile, you can create an array with a MAXPERSONS size (e.g. 20), and use a variable to store the real number of persons:
CONST MaxPersons As Ubyte  = 20
DIM a(MaxPersons) As Ubyte
LET numPersons = 10 : REM number of persons by now...
FOR i = 1 TO numPersons
    LET a(i) = RND * 10
And yes, you will allocate 10 unused positions.
DYNAMIC Arrays are planned for the next release, please, be patient.

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