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Rnd help please
You're overflowing your screen: SINCLAIR Basic PRINT AT uses Y, X coordinates (row, column) Idea
I've reversed them in your listing and it seems to be working ok. Since this is a compiled program, by default it won't check your screen overflows (e.g. "OUT of Screen error"), but with the flag (NOT YET IMPLEMENTED) --debug-screen it will stop when this happens.

There are more checkers already done:
--debug-array Will raise a "Subscript out of range" if you access an non-existing array-cell
--debug-memory Will raise an "Out of memory error" in case the program run out of mem.

The idea is: If you suspect your program has an error, enable the checkers and tests it. Once your program runs ok, compile again without your check flags (faster and less memory required)

Idea Tip: PRINT ... ; is faster than PRINT ... , because the former doesn't need to print a newline. So use PRINT ... ; whenever possible. Also for legibility, you can use PRINT "\A" instead of PRINT CHRS$(144) (the compiled code is the same, though);

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