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How to create and draw graphics
slenkar Wrote:I tried to put the bin import code into a program but it produces errors:
MyUdgBlock: REM a simple Label; @Label returns it's memory address
#incbin "factory.BIN"

Line 44 just says ASM and nothing else

the error is
Quote:snake.bas:44: Error: Syntax error. Unexpected end of line [NEWLINE]
Aggh! :x It's *another bug* related to the heavy changes I've introduced in version 1.2.7 (beta). Sad
I'm still fixing up your previous bug (you've discovered twice un a week, congratulations!).
I go somewhat slow fixing them 'cause my home computer is OS is partially broken (the Subversion is not working; I hope to fix it up today).

If you are very impatient, you can download and install 1.2.6 (Stable) and remove this one, but I beg you not to do so and wait. Discovering bugs (as you and others have done) is very important for the compiler stability.

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