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How to create and draw graphics
slenkar Wrote:thanks for the help
how would I convert the information from the sprite editor into an array?
This is quite hard (to do it by hand). There are people that does this in several ways:
  1. Creating a script that generates the array in a basic ASCII file. I can do one for you, but you have to send me (use a private message) a file.
  2. If the file is a binary, you can convert it to a series of bytes, this way:
    REM UDG Data. Avoid the program execution to enter this area
        DEFB 127,145,12,0,0, ...
        DEFB 4,0,122,255,255, ...
  3. Also, if the file is a binary, you can include the binary file directly using #incbin
    #incbin ""
Quote:I downloaded the latest stable version, but when I click on the EXE files none of them open the IDE,
I had to install the boriel program to c: because I dont have privileges to install to program files
Since version 1.2.7 another .zip files with just the .exe files will also be released.
Also, there is no IDE with the ZX Basic. It's all command line. However there are IDEs you can use with ZX Basic:

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