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New beta release 1.2.6r1762
boriel Wrote:Yep, but a new lesson learned: backup just before heavy changes (I didn't though they were heavy, BTW :oops: )
On the other hand, I think 1.2.6 should be now released as stable and start a new release (1.2.7).
I Agree, it was stable before something blowed up my windows. Will Install today ZXBC on my laptop to show it n the JHCon.

Edit: Oh, just found the reason: I wanted to create the output file in a directory that does nox exists (moved source between computers, using same cfg file). This caused the exitcode 255 and the traceback error. So one request for next build: Please, if the .tap (or other) file cannot be created because the directory does not exist, it would be handy if the compiler outputs "Output File cannot be created" error.
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