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Loosing "strictbool.asm" in version r1606. (*solved*)
boriel Wrote:
LCD Wrote:
boriel Wrote:Yes, multiarchitecture support, but not only Spectrum, but Amstrad and MSX (They're all Z80 CPU machines), and probably others.
Also, support of user data types (structs/unions), and dynamic arrays, and timer interruptions, among others...
That sounds cool. I have some other Z80 machines: SAM Coupé, Sprinter 2000 and MSX 1. I also had the chance to purchase a austrian Z80 machine called "MUPID", but I didn't.
Looking forward for any news about 2.0 Branch.
BorIDE works now ok, but I want to include a new graphics editor.

Have a look to 7UP Graphic Editor (open source, GNU, in C). Maybe you can take some profit of it??
7uP is nice and has a lot of functions, but has no map editor, and it is not that easy to use as I want to do. By the Way, BorIDE is written in BASIC (Pure BASIC). I still learning C. I already used the idea of ASM output from 7uP in Bmp2scr.
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