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Loosing "strictbool.asm" in version r1606. (*solved*)
compiuter Wrote:My programs can not find this function in the library becauseI think You erase it. I tried paste strictbool.asm of last version of zxbasic in library-asm and It works ok. Problem solved, I tell this for the rest of users. And if Boriel would include it, then ok. :?:
I downloaded version msi windows of today 10-11-18.
If I put zxb --version It post 126.-r1603 instead 1606.
:?: :?: :?:
Maybe I accidentally remove it! I've put it back:
Download here: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... nt_Version</a><!-- m -->

Current version is 1.2.6r1667
From now on, using zxb --version will always show the REAL VERSION to avoid confusion. :wink:

Note: I'm currently rearranging lots of code. Even there are new Test Driven Development routines in a subdir called test/
They're needed since the code has grown exponentially in complexity, and new fixes had reintroduced old bugs twice! :x

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