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Screen corruption & possible crash (*solved*)
boriel Wrote:In court???? Confusedhock: I knew you broke your leg, but why going to court?
Because of months of pain (I still have pains when the weather changes). And the guy who is responsible for this even started to tell the witness lies about me. This will not be forgiven. It was a accident, so I wanted him to pay medicament costs, but now the situation changed apruptly after this.
boriel Wrote:Anyway: It was the STR$ function. Note that VAL() also had this bug and has been fixed.
Oh, good, so one bugreport and two fixes. Maybe you know it already: You are great!

Edit: Tested, this bug is exterminated. It works now as expected. Big thanx to Boriel and good night.
The thread can be closed now.
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