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Suggestion for the Syntax section
boriel Wrote:This way you avoid blank lines at top and bottom in the listings.

I've just realized what you meant. First I thought you meant I was leaving a blank line between <zxbasic> and the listing. But what I'm doing is typing <zxbasic> and </zxbasic> on their own lines, because in my opinion that way the wiki source is a bit easier to read and edit. And that effectively renders an empty line! I didn't realized before.

That extra border doesn't look bad for me. Anyway the best solution would be to fix it in the extension, make it not to render that lines at the start and at the end of the block. Or maybe it could be done with CSS.only. That way the layout of the wiki source wouldn't change the final HTML.

But I can write <zxbasic> and </zxbasic> next to the code lines, no problem.

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